7 Basic Business Email Etiquette Tips


Engaging in online business means that you have to communicate a lot through email. For years since its creation, sending Emails has been one of the most basic, effective, and reliable methods of sending and receiving information from one point to another.

It’s much faster rather than using smoke or drums or even eagles. You can send and receive communications in seconds and on time. There are a lot of ways to use this system, and anyone is free to use it whenever and however they can.

business email etiquette
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It’s not the same with Business Emails. If you don’t make it the right way, you’ll lose your chances of getting clients or closing a deal. Though Emails are one of the best methods for communicating, there’s however an etiquette that should be followed.

Why Business Email Etiquette is Important?

You can’t take it back! It’s extremely important to follow business email etiquette. The reason is that once you press that sent button, there’s no turning back anymore. Your email speaks about your business – it’s like your sales representative. Once it gets a negative impression, it will be hard to redeem yourself. Your email can lead to a successful business deal, or it can mean failure. You see, people can just delete what you sent without a second thought if they don’t like it.

Creating a well-prepared email can do more than just conversions, it will leave a lasting impression as well. It’s one of the keys to having loyal clients and followers. There’s basic email etiquette but we’ll take it to another level and make it business-friendly.

So, how do we do it?

Basic Business Email Etiquette Tips

Creating business emails and following the etiquette isn’t that hard. We only have to stick with the basics. Just writing a formal business letter, emails will be the same except that we have certain words or abbreviations that are being used.

Here are some of the best business email etiquette tips that you can apply.

Tip # 1 – Clear Subject Line

If you want to stick to business email etiquette, keep your subject line to a few words or one simple phrase that explains what your email is about. Use terms like “proposition” and “application” to identify your email to the recipient and give them an idea of what to anticipate.

Tip # 2 – Straight to The Point

Don’t beat around the bush when you make your business emails. Get to the point quickly and not drag your message out. There’s a reason why Twitter only has a limited number of characters – because long messages can be discouraging. But don’t make your emails like a tweet. We don’t mean that. By getting to the point, we mean don’t take in extra words that actually aren’t related to your main message.

Tip # 3 – Answer Questions

People love it when their questions are answered. This is one important thing to remember in your business etiquette learning. The reason is simple. If you don’t answer the questions from the original email that was sent to you, you’ll likely receive more emails asking the same questions over and over again. This will be a huge waste of time for both parties. It may also frustrate a potential customer and you might end up losing a deal. You don’t want this, do you?

Tip # 4 – Anticipate Questions

While answering the questions, it’s also a good thing to add more information. It’s better to anticipate questions. For example, if a customer asks if you accept credit cards and which ones you accept – in your reply, you can answer both the questions and add how they can order from you. This gives a good impression and customers will feel your thoughtfulness. Going beyond the basics will give an incredibly positive reaction from your clients.

Tip # 5 – Check Your Spelling/Grammar

Of all the tips that we have, this is perhaps the most important one. Wrong grammar usage won’t do you any good. You can’t give any reasons for it, and you won’t be able to get new customers with emails that are full of typos and errors. These emails will most likely go to the trash bin – and you wouldn’t want it. All your efforts will just go to waste, and you will not be able to get the best deals plus you are going to lose huge opportunities.

Tip # 6 – Put in A Personal Touch

It’s also best if you make a few personal touches with your emails. It’s also a good thing to customize the contents to make it look personal as possible. This will make your customers more at ease and comfortable. This will also spark more interest from your client’s end which will lead him to read your email more and even respond immediately – this is what you need.

Tip #7 – Be Wary of Cultural Differences

In actual words, the risk is significantly larger because there is no accompanying body language. As a result, you should do your best to learn about the recipient’s culture before contacting them. You will be able to create deeper ties with them if you accommodate their interests.

The direct approach is favored in certain nations. In contrast, in certain cultures, it is normal for fresh business associates to get to know one other first. This article on proper business email etiquette might help you get a handle on these fine points.

It’s not that hard

If you notice, the tips above aren’t new to you. These are actually basic principles. However, there are times we tend to forget and miss important things. You may wonder why your business emails don’t have responses. You may wonder why you have the best online marketing strategies, but you don’t close as many deals. If you really think about it, your emails might be at fault.

Check if your emails are correct and if you see a few elements that need to be changed, then do it. There might be grammatical errors or wrong spellings or not engaging enough. You may want to change the way it looks by adding signatures, images (company logo), etc.

Little changes can lead to huge effects. Small tweaks here and there can make your campaign big. In online business, emails can bring a lot of potential clients in.

Bottom Line

Mastering these skills make you ready to send awesome emails. The more awesome it gets, the more response you’re going to get. Don’t ever belittle business emails and don’t treat them just like a common routine. Business emails, just like your other marketing strategies hold an extremely important role and they can help make or break your business.

By sending nicely made emails, you will reach your success a little faster. So just like any other method, take these business email etiquette tips seriously. You will see a huge difference when you perfect this particular craft. As basic as it may seem – do it and then check your inbox for positive responses.

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