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Chrome is Google’s finest web browser. Since its birth, it has been extremely helpful when it comes to solving every internet marketer’s problem, boosting SEO productivity. One of the best features of Chrome is that it has this thing called extensions. These are additional tools that you can use for specific functions.

chrome seo extensions

Today, let’s look at some of these powerful extensions intended to help you in your SEO strategies. But before that, let’s look at some facts first. Just so you know, there are almost 4 billion people who are using the internet. What does this tell us? It simply means that almost all persons from all walks of life are using the internet. From businessmen to ordinary folks, every color and race is online almost every single day.

The number may mean nothing to some but for internet marketing buffs, it’s an eye-widening reality. This is a huge opportunity to find potential clients and get them to buy products. But the entire marketing process can be daunting and sometimes, can eat a lot of your time. Over the years, we have learned to use certain tools to speed up and improve our SEO marketing strategies.

Here’s where Chrome comes into play. Internet marketers are using the power of browser extensions and plugins to make things a lot easier and more organized. Hundreds and thousands of these are available, and they do different functions, all to help to streamline an online business owner’s work.

SEO Chrome extensions are just some of the most popular tools in the market that offer various functions and are very much flexible for marketers. Per Statcounter, Chrome is the most popular web browser in the globe with a figure of 63.59% browser market share.  

We have gathered a few of the best SEO Chrome extensions that are extremely helpful in your SEO strategies. To make things easier on your end, we have categorized them per functionalities so that you might want to try and use them as part of your set of tools.

Keyword Research

In SEO, keyword research is a basic concept. It’s a key ingredient to start all your strategies. There are tools like Google Keyword planner, Ahref, and SEMrush. While these powerful tools, they usually need you to feed them data and exact keyword insights. This is not helpful if you are a busy internet marketer. It can eat most of your time and it can be difficult on his end.        

To help you solve these issues, here are some Chrome extensions that you can use for keyword research.

Keyword Surfer. This is a simple but highly effective tool that goes hand and hand with the Chrome browser. One of its features would be an easy-to-use search bar where you can just put in your target keyword, and you’ll be given a search volume both locally and globally. It also gives you a list of suggested keywords and their specific search volumes.

Live Keyword. This is also one powerful tool for keyword research that gives you insights while you are doing your keyword research in the Chrome browser. It also gives you an option to download or export your keyword data so you can analyze it further.

Ubersuggest. This is another tool that lets you analyze your target keywords while you are doing your keyword research.  It also contains certain information like search volume, CPC, and SEO difficulty. Plus, it also has an export option.

Content Optimization

Content is king. This is the standing mantra when it comes to SEO marketing. Aside from that fact, it’s been said that 60% of marketers get their leads from blog content. That’s the reason why it’s incredibly important to focus on quality content to be successful in the market. The higher the quality, the better. And so, to help you in this area, here are some of the best SEO Chrome extensions.

Text Optimizer. It’s more than just an intelligent writing assistant. It also helps analyze your results to check for relevance and intent before you can even use it to craft your content. Another great thing about this tool is that it’s beginner-friendly and helps create targeted contents that are made for your audience as well as the search engines.

Rank Trackers

The reality is that ranking high on Google’s SERP takes a heap of effort and work. Tracking your ranks from time to time can be added burden. One small mistake can mean a huge drop. The higher your aim, the competition gets stiffer and tougher. As you go high, the battle becomes more and more difficult, and it doesn’t end there. Even if you reach the top, you still need to work on maintaining your spot as it can be replaced in a blink of an eye.

Tracking your SEO rank manually can be a tiring job. What you can do is get hold of the best Chrome extensions that specialize in analyzing page rank movements regularly. Here’s one tool that you can use.

SERPTrends. It’s a Chrome extension that has a smart tracking feature that checks as well as records a certain website’s search engine ranking the moment you visit it. If you visit that site again, let’s say it’s a competitor, you’ll be able to know if changes happened when you left. This tool greatly helps marketers in knowing exactly how and what is happening to a particular website (or page). Moreover, it also highlights the site’s Alexa rankings or whether it has attracted Facebook likes.

Final words

There are a lot of examples that we can give that is considered the best Chrome extensions and all are equally helpful, in one way or another, when it comes to helping with SEO strategies. Without these tools. It will be hard to monitor, manage and even get through your tasks. And if your work becomes chaotic, you will likely fail than to succeed.

Do you know of any other top-performing Chrome extensions? Let us know.

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