Digital Innovation for Tech-Starved SMBs


Having a digital infrastructure is no longer optional, it’s necessary for the growth of your business. If you’re looking to develop new processes, products, or strategies, start by implementing new technology.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is simply the process of getting your brand and message across on the internet. This can be achieved in many different ways, including through your website or social media. If you’ve never promoted on a social platform before, Monday Envelope suggests converting any personal accounts to business ones quickly. This will give you access to tools that can help. If you’ve never marketed online before, spend some time making sure that you have a cohesive branding package and that you know what message you want to share and to whom.

Time management

Time management is made easier when you start tracking and organizing your meetings, deadlines, and events. There are many different ways to prioritize time management online, including using a calendar app or programs that help you keep up with your employees’ time off tasks. You can also manage meetings, collaborate more effectively, and meet deadlines on-time more often by having dates set for these tasks. By implementing time management strategies in software, your employees will likely deliver their work on-time more often. They’ll be more productive and less prone to procrastination. Further, knowing when something is due and having a visual reminder may reduce anxiety for some employees who feel pressured to get things done immediately.

Go mobile

Hands down, one of the best ways to reach your customers is to utilize a mobile website or create a custom app. According to IT consulting firm Lvivity, having an app can increase sales, build your audience, improve your marketing and communication abilities, and promote customer loyalty. On the back end of your application, you’ll also have access to analytic tools that grant you access to customer behavior.

Remote work

Just a decade ago, the idea of working from home was foreign to many employers. After all, how can you possibly keep track of what’s going on if you can’t see your workers? And, if your employees are working from home, won’t they spend most of their day watching TV and cleaning house? The answer to each of these: no. Studies show that employees are actually more engaged when they work from home. Another benefit is that you’ll have access to top talent all over the world, and you won’t have to pay relocation costs, which CapRelo estimates can cost you up to $80,000.

Project Management

Project management software is an excellent way to ensure that your team can communicate and collaborate. It can also save you time and money by improving resource management and keeping everyone organized in a centralized project workspace. And, if your business has already begun to utilize a remote workforce, project management software is a must. Not only does it make it easier to onboard new employees, but your staff can log in and work from anywhere. This can help them keep a work/life balance, which is crucial for your entire staff.


Your online security is perhaps the most impactful way that you can adopt digital practices. Cyber security measures help protect your data, systems, and intellectual property. The implications of this are endless, but a few things to keep in mind are that a security breach can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars. Further, hackers can easily log into unprotected systems and take them hostage. Unscrupulous competitors may also gain access to proprietary systems and services, effectively eliminating your competitive edge. Cyber crimes continue to go on the rise, and becoming a victim impacts not only your financial standing but your reputation as well. Educate your staff, invest in risk management solutions, update your systems often, and don’t skip the antivirus software.

You do not have to fear digital updates. We are well past the years when technology was only available to a select few with deep pockets. Today, businesses large and small can adopt digital practices, such as managing time and keeping their system safe, that can perpetuate growth and improve company reputation.

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