Facebook Ads VS Google Ads – The Divide


Google and Facebook are the two giants in the world of internet business today. Though they are completely different from each other, one being a social media entity and the other a powerful search engine, they clash at some points especially in terms of how they affect business owners.

facebook vs google ads

While their main purposes are different, they actually compete when it comes to advertising. In the eyes of internet marketers, these two giants are more than just people’s tools for connection, relationship, or research. They are avenues for getting potential clients and even closing deals. Facebook Ads vs Google Ads clash in business promotions and marketing.

They are followed by billions

Who can refuse you when you are followed and used by a number of people around the globe. Yes, both of these platforms have billions of followers and users. 24/7, they process huge amounts of data that help companies put their products in front of their target markets.

However, while the targeting abilities of Facebook and Google are commendable, it’s quite hard to choose between the two when as a business owner, you can only use one. The only solution to this dilemma is to find which one’s the best. However, we are not in a position to give you that answer. What we can do instead is to give you an analysis so you can decide for yourselves.

Facebook Ads

According to the site itself, there are 1.6 billion people around the world who are connected to small businesses through Facebook. Basically, FB advertising includes making and running campaigns with the use of Facebook Ad Manager. This tool will be used to reach the target audience that’s based on location, profile data, and of course demographics.

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Google Ads

It was formerly called Google AdWords. It’s a paid platform for advertisement that works through auction. This auction system activates every time a certain user performs a keyword search. If you are creating an Ad and you want to win this auction, you have to optimize your Quality score and bid amount. You have to learn to balance these two.

Once you have mastered these, you can maximize Google’s function and actually drive traffic to your site. This is true especially if the targeted keywords are showing the prospects’ desire to do close deals or make purchases.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Now, instead of putting you in a position where you have to choose right away. We have to put in a contrast between the two. Your choice now will be depending on what you need at the moment. If one of them comes out as closer to your goal, then probably that’s the one that you should choose. Here are a few examples

In terms of buying intent, FB Ads are good when it comes to brand awareness. But when it comes to purchasing intent, Google Ads is better.

For targeting audience, FB Ads tends to be granular as they are targeting demographics, interests, behaviors, etc. Google Ads on the other hand tends to look through broad targeting by using keywords.

When we talk of costs, you can get more exposure and clicks for lower costs through FB Ads. While in Google Ads, you need to pay more per click, however, the good thing is that the users have a higher chance to convert.

For the size of the audience, FB Ads has 1.59 billion daily active users. Google Ads on the other side has about 3.5 billion searches every single day. 

These are just samples of their comparisons. At the very least, you now have a basis on which one’s to use. It all depends on your goal. Yes, you may have to weigh in a few pieces of information just like the ones above, but it sure does give you a clear understanding before you start to use your budget.

Winner takes all

While you realize the information given above; you have to bear in mind to treat Facebook Ads vs Google Ads as they are. Again, though they are huge spaces for business opportunities, Google and Facebook are two different platforms made for different purposes.

You can have the services of both companies but running a small business doesn’t give you that opportunity. So, the winner should take it all. Once you have started to invest in one, just go jump right into it. Consider every factor which we have presented and maximize its use. Either way, as long as you are taking on the right steps, you’ll still end successfully.

Strength and Weakness

Both platforms have their own strength and weaknesses. It all boils down to your intent, target audience, the size of the audience that you want to fish in, and of course, the cost of investing in their services.

There are benefits that you can’t get one from the other. You can’t have it all so you have to deal with the downside of the services that you will invest in. But that doesn’t mean you’ll lose big. Not all systems are perfect, and you’ll meet them at one point. A little research on these will do.

Final Words

One thing is sure though, in learning more about Facebook Ads vs Google Ads, you have the ability to choose the best weapon for reaching your success. By comparing their features, you’ll be able to change or plan out your marketing strategies, have a clear goal and start the journey knowing where the direction of your online business will go.

All of these are for your business’s success. It’s not that you won’t have the competition along the way. It’s but normal but the good thing about this is that if you have a goal and an iron-clad strategy, you’ll be able to eventually get through it. Not all businesses finish on top but with the use of the right tools like Facebook and Google, you’ll be one step closer to your goal.

Facebook and Google might be rivals on this part, but they can contribute to your business success.

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