How to Promote Your Business on Instagram


Instagram is one of the most popular and most used apps today. Since its creation, it has proven to be one tough platform for sharing photos. Currently, there are over 1.16 billion users coming in on a monthly basis. According to certain statistics, a user spends a minimum of 8 minutes on the app and around 500 million use the Stories feature daily.

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There are also a large number of influencers on the site with a huge number of followers. With the right strategy, it’s possible to have your brand become an influence as well. You only need to post the perfect content which might be relevant to your followers but at the same time, you should keep posting new ones.

The real challenge is to look for the kind of posts to work on which is best for your audience. So, to learn such, here are a few tips you can chew on and become an expert on Instagram marketing.

How do we market on Instagram?

Switching to Business Profile – Fast!

Before you can even think about starting an Instagram marketing strategy, you should make sure to have an Instagram business account. It’s not that hard to do. You just go to the settings button on the upper right-hand corner of your profile page (the little gear-shaped button). Then you scroll down a little bit until you find the section that says switch to a business profile.

There are tons of benefits you can get from this simple change. One example would be that your followers can see and click the contact button and they can easily get in touch with you straight from your IG account – just like they do when they visit your website.

Having a business profile allows you to publish IG ads without the need for Facebook’s ad tools. You will also be able to access the Instagram analytics tools which are commonly called Insights. It provides stats regarding the impressions and reaches of the posts that you made.

Upon starting your business profile along with the tools that come with it, use them immediately. This way you’ll be able to see the kind of audience that you have and their activities in relation to your account.

Speaking of Tools

The business profile on IG isn’t quite different from what’s found in the Facebook business profile. If you can remember, IG was bought by FB a few years back. Through Insights, you will visuals of certain stats just like impressions, engagement data, and more.

More than that, you can even get a more detailed breakdown of the demographics of your followers like information pertaining to age, gender, location, and active hours spent. These tools from Instagram aren’t that generalized as well. You can get information from posts for the week which show impressions earned for that particular time period. Insights can also give the posts that were on top for a certain period of time.

These tools are readily available and are priceless. As mentioned, with these visuals, you’ll be able to understand your audience’s actions and reactions to your content. The more you know your audience, the more you’ll be able to adjust your content to boost more engagement.

Maximize Product Teasers

It’s entirely possible to sell products or services just by using teasers. This is where Instagram can be most useful. It’s where you can advertise your products and if you lay them out the right way, your audience won’t take it negatively or even scare them off.

If you get too pushy, your followers will go away. Teasers are simple ways of talking about your products or services and give a kind of excitement without making it look like you’re trying hard. There are a lot of examples of these simple teasers on Instagram. You’ll know it’s good when you’re not irritated by it or even more, you’re excited about it. That’s an effective way to market.

Even popular brands use teasers and they become even more popular. It’s a good thing to use IG as leverage to market your products or services. If you tease people about products, they might be interested in but at the same time you don’t push them to buy anything, there’s a chance that they might actually buy something.

If they won’t buy, they’ll at least engage with your posts through likes, comments, or even share your posts. This is the reason why should really push relevant content about your products but in a gentle way of course.

Sponsored Ads

Instagram Ads are common as well. The good part of this is that you can actually take control of how much you spend on these ads by setting a budget. You can feature just one sponsored ad or use multiple ads with a carousel feature. This would then give the brands the ability to target audiences on a whole new level. When sponsored ads were not that in, only the users that are following your account will be able to see your updates and photos.

Today, brands can be promoted through their photos to anyone that fits their target audience. This will result to increase their reach even further. If you’re using sponsored ads, use contents that are engaging as well as appealing to your target demographics. You can also turn the existing posts into sponsored ads so keep your eyes on your top posts.

IG Stories

Using Instagram Stories can also help in generating leads. IG stories are different from regular posts because they usually come in a slideshow format. It’s kind of similar to FB’s My Day. They are also available for only 24 hours, but you can save these stories on your mobile device which you can re-use later on. You can use this as leverage for your Instagram marketing strategies. One good thing about this is that it’s usually the first thing that a user can see as it’s placed mostly on top of the IG page.

It’s good because it’s more natural. So, any user can actually relate. No need to edit, it’s more realistic. Loop videos or images like Boomerang are great features as well. Of course, we have filters that improve your photos. Text and stickers are there as well – this helps make your posts more interesting and catchier.

Final Words

There’s more to Instagram marketing than what’s written above. We will do another round of posts on these. The most important part here is that using a free app like Instagram can eventually be the single tool that you need for your business success.

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