7 Local Business Marketing Strategies Aimed for Success


For a lot of businesses, all their efforts have to local audiences. Therefore, it’s important to learn, re-learn and develop local business marketing strategies especially if you’re running small ones. However, let’s define a few terms first before jumping into these success-driven methods.

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When you say local marketing, it usually refers to strategies that target regional audiences that are near your business site. It is especially effective for businesses that are tied to a physical location like restaurants, boutiques, retail operators, and professional advisors. Now, getting a local business marketing strategy can be easy, quick, and free. With the steps we are going to tackle later, you’ll surely improve your local marketing efforts.

Local marketing is one essential element for a larger marketing strategy, especially for small businesses. That’s because you can get your brand in front of a broader local audience that would probably be loyal to your business in the future. But as an owner, what can you do to attain this improvement and reach your local audience? Here are a few quick tips that might help in improving your strategy.

Optimize website

The thing called website optimization is important if you’re aiming to drive traffic. But the next question is this, is your website optimized for local audiences? You should not only follow SEO strategies like keyword research, but you should also guarantee that your website offers a top-notch mobile experience. As experts would say, more than half of the traffic that is coming to websites is from mobile devices. Therefore, make sure that your website has a nice and streamlined look. It should also have a large text to read especially on a small screen and large buttons to easily click. This will make it easy for attracting local businesses.

Target local keywords

Localizing websites would then involve determining keywords and key phrases on a local level. What’s the local market searching for on Google? One good guide to determine this is to know the basic “talk of the town” or the ones that are mostly being talked about in your community or nearby communities. This might be old but it’s still a good method – try considering free tools by Google such as Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Search Console. This way, you’ll be more informed about the precise local terms that you should put in your optimization. The more your website is locally optimized, the more local customers are likely to land on your web pages.

Setting up local landing pages

If your business has a lot of locations, it’s imperative that you make a separate page for each of these locations inside your website as a step to localizing your business. This is what most experts say. Every page should have information about that specific location your business has. Examples of these would be directions and store hours. These pages should also include specific content about your business. This for example should include the local area where you are promoting your business.

Claim Google My Business listing

This is probably one of the easiest and most effective local business marketing strategies that you could ever use. Google My Business gives search engine users information such as location, store hours, directions, and contact information and what’s good is it really hits more directly on the SERP.

Experts say that it’s essential to claim your Google My Business knowledge panel and make sure that it’s constantly updated. This is very much needed especially during this COVID-19 time. You should make sure that you have updated the current store hours and if you have restrictions, explain them thoroughly – for example, specify if your restaurants offer Dine-In, Take-out, or Delivery only. Not only this, but you should also claim your local listings on other third-party sites just like Yelp.com. If there are more places where you can find your business, the better your local business marketing strategy will be.

Optimize Social Media

This shouldn’t be a surprise to you. Social media marketing is the top-most important strategy when it comes to local business marketing. Just like your website, your social media pages should as well be optimized and localized. This means it’s also important to provide up-to-date information such as business location, contact information, and store hours. This would also mean being active on your social media account all the time. Using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to pre-schedule your posts can be a huge help in making your plans easier.

Experts say that from a small business perspective, social media revolves mainly around communication about deals, re-openings, and promotions. In short, it’s all about reputation and if you’re good at maintaining this reputation, you’ll just push your local business up.

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Sponsor local events

Well, online marketing has its high points and it’s effective, especially during these times of pandemic. But the thing is, this world is digital and one of the steps to make your local business more successful is to build a real-world bridge that connects your audience to your brand. An example of doing this is to sponsor or host local events whenever possible. This is to increase brand visibility in the local community. It’s also one way of landing local press coverage which could also increase the odds of being searched online. This time by a local audience. That’s literally hitting two birds with one stone.

Collaborate with other local businesses

It’s also nice to partner with other businesses in the local area. Making these alliances or partnerships can double your business outreach. This is especially true if you work with companies that have the same values that you hold as well as goals. It’s also important to note that you’re not direct competitors but services that could fill each other’s needs. You can co-sponsor events.  You can also share SEO content or put content on each other’s web pages or blogs to receive mutual benefits. This way, success will come fair and square.

Bottom Line

These are top-notch local business marketing strategy tips that you will find useful and effective – if done the right way.

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