Pinterest Marketing – What’s New?


Pinterest has been around for years and if you haven’t known yet, you can use it for marketing your business. The marketing strategies, just like any other platform, particularly for this one come and go. However, being updated and staying on top even with the changes in the trends is key to using the platform really well and this will result in your business’ success.

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What worked in Pinterest marketing last year might not work today or sometimes the trend comes back. The secret here is that one must be constantly informed, and it should be consistent with all your strategies and efforts. In this article, we have gathered the top trends in Pinterest marketing for 2021. We’ll try to make it simple and practical so you can actually use it. With these trends, hopefully, you’ll be able to reach success through this powerful platform.

Creating FRESH Pins

It’s common knowledge that making fresh pins is one strong Pinterest marketing strategy. This has been effective over the years but for 2021, level it up. Today, you should be able to create more and more pins regularly. Upload new photos, titles, and templates all to make sure that everything is fresh as they are again on a regular basis. Of course, you can pin different images in blog posts with super targeted keywords – this way, it will add a whole new level of content to your feed.

Video Pins

Our main focus is freshness and part of keeping it that way is using as many video pins as you can. As of the moment, Pinterest loves these types of content so it’s better to jump in on it while it lasts. Include the use of video in your Pinterest marketing strategy. If you don’t have any materials for video content, there are various ways to actually make them. Tools like Canva or Giphy are powerful in terms of creating content in GIF or video format. There might be some other content-creating tools available out there and you can certainly if you have the budget. But the point is that you should make your posts as fresh as possible.


You can also maximize the use of Pinterest stories so if you do have access to this, it’s a huge opportunity to market your brand. Pinterest stories are no different from Instagram stories. They are slideshows of photos or videos which you can use to promote brand awareness. Pinterest is liking it so it’s a huge opportunity for you to NOT miss!

Seasonal posts

While Pinterest grows and improves, it becomes more obvious that they are putting more emphasis on relevant content. This is the reason why it’s incredibly important to create or post seasonal content as one of the best practices for Pinterest marketing. It can be a blog post or pinning of your seasonal products – but it should be done at the right time. It’s one of the biggest secrets for the relevance of content, the timing. There’s no need to reinvent anything. If you happen to have posts from your other sites, you can just update them and put in some fresh graphics. Then you can pin these posts again. Just be sure that the blog posts are still applicable. Using tools like Tailwind or Smart Loop can be a huge help. You can set them up to start and end at certain points of the year.

Proper auditing of account

What we mean by this is that you should take time to evaluate your Pinterest account. The reason is that this platform constantly changes and it’s important that you keep yours afresh and updated. If you have this habit of pinning content over and over again and you are not aware of it, you might be missing big time. This is why evaluate and look at your account. You don’t’ have to delete your pins but it’s advisable that you remove boards that have no significance or relevance to your business. Checking the profile and descriptions are also important to make sure that they are fitting and heavy with keywords.

Verified Merchant status

Perhaps one of the most popular features of Pinterest would be the Verified Merchant Program. A lot of online marketing savvy and business owners are really loving it. In a nutshell, having a verified merchant account will make it easier for possible clients to find your products and eventually BUY them if they like them.

Pinterest ads

There’s also another feature called the Pinterest Trends Tool and it’s the best place to see the top keywords that are being used for different searches. You can use this as a way to create new content. With this tool, you can search for the different terms and see the number of people who are searching for it at certain points in the year. Then, check its popularity and see what’s trending on the platform at the moment.

Collect followers

Followers aren’t actually the main focus on Pinterest, but they do make a certain impact with regard to brand credibility. Though it’s not like other platforms, Pinterest may consider it later on. That’s the reason why you need to encourage people to follow you on Pinterest. Using tools like MiloTree can help you achieve that by telling visitors to follow your account on Pinterest.

Hire Experts

You might be having a hard time balancing your strategies already and adding Pinterest marketing to your list might give you more stress. Though it’s optional, you can actually get people to work for you and focus on this task alone. It’s quite hard and tricky to navigate around this platform though it’s exciting to try each one out. But if you’re aiming to promote much of your business, you can get experts in this field. You’ll see improvements and high engagements if you put it in the right hands.

Final Words

Pinterest marketing is just one of the ways you can promote your brand. However, it takes more knowledge to fully maximize its potential. The good thing is you can do it yourself. Knowing these new ideas, why don’t you take a jump and see where you land?

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