Latest SEO Trends This Year (2021) According to Pros


Wow! Is October already?

It hasn’t been long since we greeted 2021 with a blast. With all these issues with Covid-19, the quarantines, the vaccines, we have been unaware that time has passed so quickly. So now, we’re left to ask this question – what’s SEO like so far this year?

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In case you didn’t know, we’ve gathered some fresh information from top experts in the field. Here are the top trends in SEO for this year. Some of you might have been aware of this already but it’s always a good thing to look at it in a different way. Or you might be surprised with some of the facts so let’s jump right in!

Scalability in SEO

Experts say that this year should be a great time to build scalability into your SEO if you want to win the competition. Mark Traphagen, VP of Product Marketing and Training (seoClarity) says that you need these 3 things:

  • Make an organized list of tasks, processes, workflows DAILY and REGULARLY. It’s all caps for emphasis. Know which steps could be done automatically so you would know the right tools to use.
  • It’s also great to setup an alert system to monitor significant changes such as rankings of your most important keywords, page content changes or any changes for that matter.
  • You can also create SOPs for any regular tasks that aren’t automated so you and your team won’t have to create something new in the processes over and over again.

Loooong Content

Ron Lieback, the CEO/Founder of ContentMender says that to take a lead with your competitors, you should consistently publish a longer form of content. Not just long, it should also appeal to Google’s E-A-T guidelines as well as emotions.

According to Lieback, in the past year, he consistently saw blogs with 2, 000 words outperform those that have 1, 000 words in a dramatic way. For this, we should and need to expect this trend to continue this year (and it has!). As more websites follow this trend, the length will also get even longer – like 2, 500 to 3, 000 words long. It’s not just the length that should be taken into consideration though. Quality should not be compromised if you tend to follow this trend.

SERP Changes

According to Dave Davies, Duke of URL, Beanstalk Internet Marketing, we should expect a significant change in the entire way we view certain content or even the way they are being laid out on websites. This is due to Google Passage Ranking. He says that it’s good to have the general topic and sub-topic be found on the same page and not on a separate one since Google will naturally lead the users where they need to go.

This was also noticed by Cindy Krum, CEO, and Founder of MobileMoxie, and has been talking about it since. She calls it the Fraggle Optimization. She says that doing things to help Google identify and rank passages will be big this year. She also adds that Fraggles (passages) hold importance since they improve Google’s ability to find and lift the exact information the users are looking for. Strong page and schema structures help Fraggle optimization. However, it’s also important to have a text that’s not hard for natural language processing to look at plus it also must have a high readability score.

Watch out for MUM

Google’s AI writing assistant MUM is said to be 1000 times more efficient than BERT. This tool will make it easier for people to produce quality texts. It has over 75 languages integrated, enabling it to analyze video, images, and text simultaneously while giving the user response to complicated queries.

MUM will analyze aspects of a search query to best understand the sentiment, context, entities, and intent of the user. In doing so, they can provide answers that are really close to what the end-user was looking for.

Automate More

Due to the number of increasing SEO tasks that we’re able to be automated in the past year such as structured data generation, quality content, and more, Hamlet Batista from RankSense says it will be huge this year.

He says that we should expect a high quality AND quantity of AI-generated content to increase in a dramatic sense. It will surely create a huge challenge for search engines to remove spam from the index. He added that “human-in-the-loop” automation should be done to avoid being penalized, remain competitive, and of course to make sure the value of the contents is high.

Global SEO Strategist Jesse McDonald also agrees with this. He believes that this trend focuses on creating more scalable solutions for optimization via automation. He says that for the past 2 years, a lot of industry-leading tools that are being used by SEO practitioners have been featuring automated functionalities to roll out site changes. He says that it’s almost like adding another member of the execution part of the team.

This is remarkably interesting particularly in the in-house roles because it can help fulfill low-hanging fruit elements without hanging to justify the importance of the change to move to the top of the sprint schedule. This would then free the SEO to focus on more important strategies to improve site performance. 

Mobile SEO

Making sure that the content or website performs well on mobile platforms should also be the trend this year. The reason is that majority of searches are being done this way. This is according to Jeff Riddall, VP Product and Customer Success Mintent.

This is also the reason why Brock Murray, Co-Founder of seoplus+ said that the focus for this year should be mobile device user experience or better known as UX. Murry says that the best thing, we can do with mobile UX is to think about the user first. He also added that simplicity is key and to make sure to personalize the website content as well as the elements based on the user.

For Shelly Fagin, SEO Director and Founder Highly Searched Inc, there are many more reasons that all SEO is now mobile SEO. She says that Google will one day be ignoring the desktop site and your mobile site will determine your rankings. Fagin emphasizes that mediocrity will not help your mobile site. It’s essential to really look through it, make sure they are intuitive to the users and are easy to navigate. You shouldn’t also hide valuable content and images on mobile devices.

Bottom Line

We have just scratched the surface. There are more SEO trends this year and we have just scratched the surface. The ones listed above have been predicted last year and it seems like they are becoming true. Are these one of your strategies as well?

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