5 WordPress SEO Tips – The Next Level


WordPress, as we know it today, started way back in 2003 and since then it has evolved into an immensely powerful platform for various purposes including local business promotion. It actually started as a mere blogging site and has grown into a full-fledged CMS (content management system).

WordPress is actually a remnant of a then-popular blogging software called b2/cafelog but was discontinued by their developers. Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg, 2 die-hard users of the said software then decided to build a platform on its top. This was the birth of WordPress as we know it. Released on the 27th of May 2003, it continued to grow and became more powerful than ever.

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Since its birth, there have been a lot of WP releases, changes, and updates. It then came to a point where this platform became one of the best tools for SEO (search engine optimization). According to digital.com, 14.7% of the world’s top websites are powered by WordPress.

Indeed, it became more than just a blogging tool, it has become the best if not the most popular CMS in the world of internet marketing. These days, if you open your Google search bar, you’ll see a lot of WordPress SEO tips that are incredibly helpful in terms of product promotion online.

Now let’s look at some of the best practices on how to maximize WP for your SEO practices.

Start with keywords

We all know that SEO always starts with keyword research. In the early days, there’s this practice called keyword stuffing – but it was good while it lasted. It’s just not a good technique anymore. You’ll be on Google’s bad side if you dare do this. But this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to use keywords anymore. The reason is that keyword ranking is still alive. Google as well as other search engines rely on keywords to rank websites.

This simply means that a well-researched keyword will give you a chance to be successful in your SEO strategy. There are a lot of tools on how to do this keyword research. Even Google has its own tool to offer – Google AdWords. It can give you detailed information of the keyword that you want to use which can help in determining the kind of content that you will make. Then we have Google Analytics where you can check the keywords that people are using to find your website.

The good thing is that we have WordPress statistics – proof that this tool understands your needs and you don’t have to go anywhere to check for the right keywords for your website.

Content – The King of SEO

This saying never grows old – content is king. But hold your horses, we aren’t talking about just any content here. We are talking about unique, relevant, and valuable content. If there’s one thing that you should remember, it is the fact that high-quality content is the lifeblood of your website.

How you formulate, create, and execute your content can make or break all your efforts. A website without content isn’t a website at all! Just imagine a knife. The sharper it is, the better it can slice anything. Having low-quality content is like a blunt knife. Aside from not being able to cut anything, it’s dangerous on your end as an owner. The more you push it, the more damages it can create. The same is true with not-so-good content, the more you do it, the more it comes back worse.

Images and Videos

One of the best WordPress SEO tips that are still considered a good practice these days would be the use of images and videos. While high-quality written content is a good traffic magnet, images and videos can do the same – and even more at times. A well-optimized image or video can draw in more interaction, traffic, and even conversions!

Why, do you ask? It’s probably because people are visual creatures. We can easily appreciate it if we “see” it rather than read it. You should not be surprised why video platforms like YouTube are extremely popular these days – yup, it’s because a lot of people love to watch videos than read articles. This is why it’s not a bad practice to throw in videos or images on your content.

This can greatly help you level up your SEO practices. Just remember to properly optimize these images just like using those that aren’t heavy which can cause a slow-loading page. Just like your content, the images should be relevant as well. Some of the best wordpress plugins to help you manage your images and videos are:

  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Smart Slider 3
  • Regenerate Thumbnails
  • Easy Watermark
  • WP Smush
  • ImageInject
  • Smash Balloon
  • Featured Video Plus
  • Envira Gallery
  • Youtube Embed
  • YourChannel

Experiment. Try out which ones are working, and which ones are not. Learn about the use of hero images as well as it can bring your website, again to the next level.

SEO Plugins

What’s WordPress without its plugins. Yes, it’s one of the reasons why WP is immensely popular, it offers plugins that are useful especially if you want to maximize your SEO strategies. One great tip is to themes or plugins that are SEO-ready.

Sure, you can use whatever you like but having an SEO-ready theme and/or plugin can give you a head start. This way, you don’t have to optimize your WP site manually. WP developers understand this need that’s why there are tons of options laid out. Some of the best SEO Plugins are:

  • All-in-One SEO
  • Yoast
  • Rank Math
  • Premium SEO Pack
  • MonsterInsights

At least with the help of these SEO-ready tools, you can already focus on more important tasks and apply everything that you have learned in mastering SEO. You don’t need to start from scratch as the tools and the features are already there. A few tweaks will do but it will work.


You can have the most SEO-friendly website in the world but if it’s not optimized for mobile use, you’ll just be at a great disadvantage. Here’s a million-dollar WordPress SEO tip, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

You do know that this is the age of smartphones, right? Not all people are sitting with their laptops or desktops looking on their browsers. In fact, a lot of people are on-the-move. The only tool they use to connect to the web is their smartphone and if your website isn’t fitted for that technology – you will really miss it. Some of the WordPress plugins that will achieve these goals are:

  • WPTouch
  • JetPack
  • Smush
  • WP Mobile Menu
  • AMP for WP

Bottom Line

These simple tips are basic but practicing these basic principles on your SEO strategy can make a huge difference. Powerful tools like WordPress aren’t going to disappear yet so while it’s here, makes the best out of it. Optimize your WP site now.

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